1. We are not a taxi company, we are a platform for connecting passengers and drivers.

2. We do not take comission fee from drivers for each order.

3. We check all drivers for knowledge of the Estonian language.

4. We do not track driver's cars throughout the trip.

5. We do not distribute orders to drivers, they choose from the available list what suits them in terms of price and location.

6. We do not encourage drivers to fulfill as many orders as possible and overworking.

7. We do not offer stickers and other promotional materials of our company to assemble over the cars.

8. We do not set tariffs and prices and we do not recommend that anyone increase them during high demand period.

9. We do not take money for the trip to keep our comission fee from the payments.

10. We do not accept credit/debit cards, therefore we do not collect or save your bank data and do not pay interests to the banks. We aim to keep all rides cheaper, safer and more transparent as well as to ensure higher earnings for drivers.


Äppy is an online aggregator. We do not participate in cooperations between

our users: they create and perform all requests in our app on their own.