Äppy Applications Terms of Payment
Äppy Driver Application:
You need to pay a license fee to be able to accept orders using the Äppy service.
The license fee is charged for the selected time period.
Payments are recorded inyour personal account. The license fees for the selected time period are valid from the moment of activation until the expiration of the selected time period.
No payments can be refunded toyour account even if you have not completed any order during the active period.


First month - Free of charge
Licence cost:
1 week - 25 Euro
1 month - 90 Euro
3 months - 250 Euro
Äppy may offer changes to the fee at any time.
Äppy Client Application:
Free of charge If you have any questions about the payments please contact us via email at support@appy.ee.
Äppy Technolgy TÜ
Registration code 16713423 - Republic of Estonia, address Parda tn 3/5/7, Tallinn 10151.