1. Why I can't use the Äppy Driver app and be a driver without knowing Estonian?


Traveling in a car is associated with certain risks and situations, for example, when a client becomes ill and asks you to stop, but you do not understand him, or he urgently needs to get out of the car, but you continue to move without knowing the language, and so on.


2. Can I pay by card?

You can pay for the trip in cash or using an online bank transfer after specifying this method when placing an order. Payments by credit cards in our service is not provided. This makes travel even more profitable, as it allows you to avoid additional bank fees.


3. How do I set the price if I haven't traveled that route?

On average, Äppy rides are 20% cheaper than other rides. In some major cities, the application will show you the average cost of a trip along the specified route in other services. You can offer any price, focusing on this cost. Äppy has a minimum cost of a trip, it can be the same in the city or change depending on the route, but it will always be significantly lower than the average prices in similar services.


4. Are the cars equipped with child seats?

Be sure to indicate the need for a child seat in the trip options so that drivers with an equipped car can respond to your order. In the comment, specify the number of children, their age or required equipment category.


5. What is the rating?

The rating is formed based on the actions of the user or driver in the system.


6. How to delete an account?


You can delete your account on this page


7. Why do I have to pay before the trip?

In order to avoid cases of fraud and to guarantee payment to the driver. In case of a failed trip, the driver is obliged to return the money to the passenger.


8. What should I do if the car has not arrived and the driver does not answer the calls?

In this case please indicate the rating of 1 star and also write in the comments about this incident. The driver will be blocked for 24 hours.


9. I created an order but the car is not located for a long time.

Please check how your price matches the recommended one. If your price is much lower, then the drivers simply do not want to accept such an order.


10. The driver does not want to make a trip without paying in advance.

According to the rules of the platform and in order to avoid fraud activities, the driver has the right not to carry out transportation without prepayment.


11. What is the cost of using the Äppy platform for the client and the driver?

Our platform is absolutely free for customers, but there is a subscription fee for drivers.


12. I entered the price for the trip as 8.65 euros, and 9 euros appeared in the application. Why?


Our application does not use cents and the price is automatically rounded. Please offer whole numbers in this case, 8 or 9 euros respectively.


Äppy is an online aggregator. We do not participate in cooperations between

our users: they create and perform all requests in our app on their own.